What Does ChatGPT Say About ML Trend and How Can We Prepare For It?

A curated list to get your hands on MLOps, Deep Learning, XAI

Destin Gong


What Does ChatGPT Say About ML Trend (image by author)

ChatGPT has become a recent hype in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as this chatbot gives fast responses and unexpectedly human-like conversation with high accuracy. As an AI and ML tool itself, what does it say about the current trends in Machine Learning? Here are the top 3 answers given by ChatGPT:

ChatGPT answers of trends in practical machine learning (screenshot by author from chat.openai.com)
ChatGPT’s answer of trend in practical machine learning (screenshot by author)

In short answer: Automated Machine Learning (AutoML); Deep Learning; Explainable AI (XAI).

Machine learning, especially practical ML, has evolved from mastering theoretical concepts such as math and statistics, to a growing trend in expansion and integration with various disciplines, such as data engineering, software engineering, business operations, ethics and security etc.

Since enterprises are continuously scaling ML projects and applying it to critical decision making processes, I believe that ChatGPT has given us the reasonable answers of the ML trend in AutoML, Deep Learning and Explainable AI.

Each field is a very broad knowledge domain that requires years of learning to master the skill. In this article, I would like to share some learning materials that may help to get your hands dirty in the field quickly. These materials are generally a combination of code snippets + case studies + brief theory & background of the concepts.

If you are more interested in a general roadmap of self-learning data science, have a look at another curated list for learning statistics, math, data visualization, SQL etc.

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